Right Of Privacy on Mac

Data Encryptor

data-encryptorMac Uninstaller has one amazing features using which you can make required files invisible to unknown person. Even without using password one can perform such type of activity and as a result of that protected files will not be visible or appear after search.

Data Encryptor

This feature of Mac Uninstaller Tool is very useful because user can use it below mentioned circumstances, take a look:-

  • You can hide your essential, sensitive and personal files as well as folders while giving your Mac to them, who you do not trust.
  • It is also useful when you have to leave your Mac machine at service station and want to keep files untouched by someone else.
  • To Keep your financial or bank related documents in encrypted form.
  • Keep user away from viewing restricted files on your Macbook.
  • Restrict people from knowing about your intellectual property.

Mac Unisnataller Tool allow users to encrypt their files and make them invisible and it can only be access withing this application only after providing authentic password. In order to do so you only need to set your desired password and select those files or folder which you want to hide and finally click on Hide option.



Internet Security

Internet Security

“Internet Security” is considered as the best utility to safe System from harmful or malicious threat. This feature is designed by professional experts using highly advanced algorithm which is capable for automatically block the harmful threats or websites to enter into the Mac OS. If your System is not packed with this feature then it may possible that your PC may cause several harmful effects and makes your System weird & sluggish. It is very essential to safe user PC from harmful or porn websites, untrusted webpages, virus attack etc. This feature is completely packed with  Mac Uninstaller Tool. It is the best tool which comes with user-friendly interface and excellent features. This tool is capable to enhance System or Internet performance and it is very convenient to use and secure maintenance of data. Besides this, it has several other features like Clean up, Smart uninstaller, File recovery option, Invalid file detection etc.

File Backup on Mac

file backup in mac

“File Backup” is a best way to keep data safe for long time. By creating a proper backup file user can easily recover their all data which are corrupted, deleted, formatted or lost due to whatever reason on Mac OS. If you will not keep a backup file of your data then it will creates lots of trouble in restoring. For creating File Backup on Mac there are various tools are available in the market but among all  Mac Uninstaller Tool is considered as the one of the best tool because it comes with excellent “File Backup” feature. With the help of this feature of this software user can easily create a backup file and store it for long time. This tool is packed with great and attractive features which makes it more popular. The primary goal to designed this tool by expert to make Mac data more secures and error free with great efficiency and ease.

Smart Uninstaller

smart uninstaller

It is found that user install several apps in their Mac OS X, even they do not need them and as a result system started hanging and its speed become slow. Thus, in order to sort out this problem Mac Uninstaller Tool facilitates Mac user with Smart Uninstaller feature which provides hassle free deletion of unnecessary or unwanted applications completely from the system. This Software has the potential to delete unwanted plugins, preferences panes, widgets, logs, caches and more completely from the system. Smart Uninstaller is one of the best and effective method that smartly uninstall unused applications and also monitors the changes made to your system while executing this process. Mac Uninstaller Tool is one of the ultimate solution that is basically designed to fix several minor or major problems of Mac. This software provides secure maintenance and as the potential to enhance system performance.

Fast Clean Up

fast cleanup

This is one of the best feature provided by Mac Uninstaller Tool, which performs fast cleanup and quickly delete all junk files such as legacy application parts, logs, temporary caches, unused languages packages etc from system in order to free up the occupied hard drive space and boost up the speed of your Mac. This feature also helps the Mac user to delete all duplicate files. Temporary items and junk that occupies a large space can be easily deleted from system and also helps to upgrade the performance of your system. It scans each and every area of your system and effectively removes gigabytes of junk within few minutes and also keep your system healthy. It safely clean your mac in just two clicks and facilitated the user with 100% safe deletion guaranty. It is a smart and automatic method with the help of which you can keep your system secure and free up the unused memory space.